Google Play Code, a new product available in ATX ecosystem

The proliferation of various media content on the Google Play Store has enabled people to enjoy content in the form of games, books, music and movies like never before. The market for those types of content is anticipated to be a rather prodigious one. Where it is anticipated that online gaming in Malaysia will rake in a projected revenue of RM88 million in 2021. For books that figure is projected to be at more than RM160 million in 2021, for music that figure goes to more than RM101 million in 2021 and for movies those figures are more than RM524 million in 2021. The rise of this burgeoning industry is fuelled by various kinds of payment options, one of which is the Google Play Gift Card where it is essentially a prepaid top up card for Google Play Balance.

To address the needs of this growing demand, is ATX’s solution of having Google Play Code as a new product in the ATX ecosystem. The Google Play Code is essentially a Google Play Gift Card but in a digital format where having a Google Play Gift Card is just one of the ways in which you can have access to paid content that is available on the Google Play Store such as apps, games, movies, music and many other types of digital content.

The purchase of the Google Play Code is made available on consumer app GOPAY, retailer apps such as MyPOSPayRuncit Hero as well as via B2B wholesale API connectivity PayHub Besides offering services for Google Play, ATX also features a slew of other entertainment, games and lifestyle offerings too which includes Steam Wallet, Garena Shells, Razer Gold and PlayStation vouchers in its ecosystem.

As the year end holidays are right around the corner, these Google Play codes make the perfect gift for gamers, bibliophiles, movie buffs, music lovers and more. Combine that with ATX’s convenient offerings, getting the digital content that you or your loved ones are looking for will be made easier than ever.