Mobile Ticketing or mTicketing is the act of purchasing, ordering and obtaining a ticket using your mobile phone. In the long run, mobile ticketing reduces the use of papers, electricity and machines used in producing paper-based ticketing. Mainly, it also reduces the distribution costs and provides a cost-effective system especially to frequent ticket users. Overall, it is deemed cheaper and more convenient.

Who can use it?

Most people find it convenient to purchase tickets for transportation such as buses, trains, and air planes, and for entertainment purposes such as a museum visits, tourist attractions, cinemas, concerts or events, trade shows and zoos.

Companies and businesses also benefit from using mTicketing by cutting ticket-distribution costs, thus being able to accommodate more customers for their services.

How does m-Ticketing work?

mTicketing or mobile ticketing is more frequently used for services. There are two ways a customer may obtain mTicketing. Firstly through a premium text charged to the mobile operator bill or through regular text charged to the customer’s debit or credit card.

When a customer purchases a ticket, a message containing the code will be automatically sent to their mobile phone. The code may be virtually validated by an officer or by ticketing personnel, or scanned using a device. A customer may also show an SMS message bearing the ticket information in plain text.

When an mTicket is virtually validated, it doesn’t have to go through a scanning device anymore. This is easier and faster for both companies and customers as it enables faster transactions and shorter queues.

What is in our offer?

  • ATX mTicketing solution strives to bring more convenience to customers by providing clear-cut solutions
  • As more people depend on their smartphones for everyday activities, responsibilities, and even entertainment purposes
  • ATX aims to utilise these demands by introducing mTicketing
  • With this, customers are given easier access to purchasing tickets, less the strain of waiting in a queue

Why ATX m-Ticketing solution?

  • ATX mTicketing solution aims to improve customer convenience by bringing in a cheaper, faster, and more flexible means of purchasing tickets
  • ATX values its customers and through its added value to its products and solutions, ATX makes it possible to help communities engage in more digital interactions thus reducing the need for paper production and distribution
  • Not only customers benefit from using mTicketing, but this also brings forth opportunities for businesses and companies to increase their revenue by providing more services to customers by increasing ticket sales
  • ATX mTicketing solution encourages users to keep track of their ticket purchases by personally handling their ticket expenditures