Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

ATX Mobile Payment is readily available to users. It does not require users to go to a nearby bank to settle their bills, purchase a good, or pay for a service. Itā€™s handy, and everything is done literally with the power of the userā€™s hands.

As more users prefer mobileĀ wallets to physical wallets and payment options continue to grow, retail organizations seek opportunities to gather customer data and trackĀ usage patterns for marketing efforts and promotions.Ā In this world that has embraced a wide range of payment methods forĀ retail and business-to-business transactions, mobile payment plays a significant role in this goal.

By paying with their mobiles, customers need less cash to pick out of their pockets, payment becomes paperless, and organizations gain the ability to collect the customer information they require, which ultimately help in improving their services.

Who can use it?

  • Merchants or Sellers
  • Retail Organizations
  • Business Owners
  • Customers
  • Banks or other Financial Institutions

How does Mobile Payment work?

Payment is done using the mobile phone instead of bringing out cash and signing receipts. The userā€™s account will be debited, which in turn will be received by the merchant in its bank account.

What is in our offer?

Mobile banking is an innovative service that eliminates the use of cards and encourages a higher usage of mobile phones. It is quicker and done more personally.

Like other famous ATX solutions and products, the additional security and financial manageability provided by mobile money offers the incentive for customers to use it over cash ā€“ if not for the ease of use, users prefer if for the security and being able to manage personal finances.

Likewise, entrepreneurs and retails will also benefit from Mobile Payment by being given the opportunity for business growth and a more open and newer network of customers. Ultimately, Mobile Payment empowers businesses to attract new customers for the serviceā€™s ease of use and convenience.

Why ATX Mobile Payment solution?

  • As a part of its core values, ATX Mobile Payment solution aims to challenge the norm and go beyond limits
  • Using this service lowers cash-distribution usage
  • Limits the use of cards
  • Promotes paperless transactions
  • Allows businesses to gather needed customer data
  • Unlocks opportunities for more revenue, all these while allowing ATX Mobile Payment Solution to extend its market search through a conscious help of the users.
  • Allows customers to perform payments on their own using their personal mobile devices
  • Trust is built as customers find the service more reliable which enable them to see where their money is going