Voucher Management System (VMS)

Voucher Management System (VMS)

The ATX Voucher Management System (VMS) is a stand-alone system. VMS has been designed to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of physical vouchers, from product creation through to PIN generation, voucher manufacture, warehouse handling, dealer distribution, and finally, redemption.

Who can use it?

  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), Mobile Network Operators (MNO) or any Telecommunication Company
  • Utility providers and suppliers such as Electricity, Gas and Water
  • Retailers

How does Voucher Management System work?

VMS is a business tool that allows prepaid service providers to manage the unique complexities of the supply chain and to add value to their prepaid business and their distribution partners. It is a voucher management system for next-generation networks and forward-looking prepaid operators that can be deployed on a dedicated platform or a private or public cloud infrastructure.

It provides control and visibility over the business that enables better decision making, drives efficiencies and savings, and allows the prepaid operator to add value to their distribution partners.

What is in our offer?

  • Prepaid platform independent
  • Handles both physical and virtual vouchers
  • Flexible PIN-length generation
  • Multiple product capabilities
  • Can integrate with ATX EVD for distribution of virtual vouchers
  • Partial redemption┬ávouchers

Why ATX Voucher Management solution?

Voucher Management System assists with resolving day-to-day operational issues confronted by many prepaid operators. It streamlines and coordinates the dynamics of the complex supply-chain inter-relationships, and assists in meeting the commercial obligations within the ecosystem providing the prepaid operator with competitive advantages. This results in enhanced service to their distribution channels and a more reliable product supply for their customers.

Some VMS Application Possibilities

Voucher lifecycle management for services such as:
  • Airtime Top-up
  • Prepaid Electricity
  • Prepaid Gas
  • Prepaid Water
  • Prepaid Subscription TV
  • Prepaid Mobile
  • Prepaid Internet
  • Prepaid VOIP
  • Gift Cards