FSI Channel Management

FSI Channel Management

The world of financial services is always evolving as new products and services are created and offered to the market, consumer behaviour is rapidly altering, and consumers’ expectations constantly change. Consumers often have explicit preferences about the channels they use to accomplish different financial tasks and expect information about transactions performed on one channel to be available in another channel. All of this, coupled with the growth in online and mobile channels, means that an omnichannel mediation approach to customer services is imperative for a financial services operator.

Who can use it?

Financial Services operators who want to provide enhanced services to their customers. This includes organisations offering services such as:
  • International and purposeful remittances (e.g. prepaid top-up, bill pay)
  • Domestic and international bill pay
  • Gift and prepaid voucher distribution
  • Alternative payments collections

How does Channel Management work?

ATX allows the operator to build and manage a hierarchy of agents. The Operator has full visibility and control of the entire hierarchy, ensuring that sales goals can be achieved, margin goals managed and achieved, and that there is full compliance with regulations. Each level classification within the hierarchy – the distributor, agent and retailer, is provided the ability to manage their own operations and that of the lower elements in the hierarchy via a web portal, tablet or smartphone app. Consumers can be given access to their accounts for self-service via web services and smartphone apps.

What is in our offer?

In many cases, a service provider may have a legacy system that does not support agent hierarchies or appropriate transaction processing, and as such the business cannot reach its full potential without changing the legacy platform. ATX can extend the lifetime of these legacy systems by providing this missing functionality.

Why ATX Channel Management solution?

A service provider can expect the following benefits from deploying ATX Channel Management solution:
  • Deliver customer services through the most appropriate channels
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Deliver an omnichannel experience for customers
  • Cost savings by serving customers via mobile, online, and agent channels, rather than the more costly branch channels
  • More cost efficient management and control of channels
  • Channel self-management, reducing the effort needed by the service provider to manage channels
  • Extend the life of an existing platform by providing channel management capability not available on that platform
ATX delivers channel management and control functions to spur new channel growth, business expansion, customer account retention, and profitability.