International Top-up

International Top-up

This solution facilitates members converting money into airtime, which is then used to top-up friends and family’s prepaid accounts in their home country. It provides a cost-effective mechanism for cross-border payments involving small fixed or variable amounts.

Who can use it?

The solution can be deployed by a specialist top-up operator or a trans-global mobile operator. By offering international top up, retail channels can enable their customers to purchase conveniently airtime and send it to family and friends in any country.

How does International Top-up work?

The International Top-up Operator purchases airtime from international mobile operators at a wholesale or discounted rate. Retail distribution channels purchase airtime from the international top-up operator and sell airtime to customers for a service fee added to the top-up amount at the time of sale.
  1. Customers simply proceed to the nearest retailer, specifying the prepaid mobile number and amount they wish to top up
  2. After collecting the corresponding amount from the customer, the point of sale operator processes the payment, transferring funds to the recipient’s prepaid balance within seconds
  3. The end-user is immediately notified and has access to the top-up amount
An alternative method of initiating a top-up is through the purchase and redemption of a specialist international top-up voucher. This does not require retail assistance as the voucher can be purchased online or from a vending machine.

What is in our offer?

  • White label merchant portal with diverse branding options
  • Foreign exchange conversions, including automatic or manual rate and fee management
  • Flexible configuration of transaction flow to adapt to different markets and simplify adding new destinations
  • End-to-end management of agents and channels
  • Versatility in integrating with various agent terminal types such as bank ATMs, POS terminals, EFTPOS terminals, web portals, mobile apps
  • Simplified stock management through automated tracking and alerts

Why ATX International Top Up solution?

  • Tap into growing demand for small value remittance services, particularly in emerging markets
  • Market your branded services to targeted market segments
  • Gain competitive advantage with flexible channel management minimizing operational cost
  • Be recognized as a reliable provider of top-up services
  • Receive online help and technical support