A donation is a physical gift given by an individual, usually for charitable purposes or to help a cause. A donation can be in different forms such as goods, in kind, used materials such as clothes or toys, food, and transportation means. It may also be in the form of relief goods or services especially in times of emergencies or calamities such as first aid kids, health aid kits, humanitarian support, development aid. It can also include medical care needs.

Who can use it?

An individual who gives a donation or a gift is the donor while the beneficiary of the donations is known as the receiver. All kinds of institutions and individuals can benefit from donations, such as employees, multi-national entities, local businesses, healthcare workers, locals, charitable institutions, government offices, schools, restaurants, children, families, and communities.

How do Donations work?

Donations are given in kind and are not forced onto the donor. It is also personal and not deemed as a business transaction although some donations may require some form of formality such as some being completed in writing.

It is acceptable to donate to third parties, or to make a gift in honor or to commemorate someone or something. Gifts given in such forms are usually made for personal reasons such as for weddings, holidays or in memory of a person.

Some other forms of donations are memorial gifts to remember someone. These gifts are often requested by survivors of the deceased towards the charitable institution or organization.

What is in our offer?

ATX aims to bring innovation for payments by having the vision of being one of the world’s most respected mobile and alternate payment solution providers that enables financial inclusiveness for all people.

By combining business, technology, and relationships, ATX Donations Solution’s objective is to be a top payments solution company as well as to be an instrument for donations.

Choosing ATX Donations solution, businesses decide to help others through a renowned company that also aims to give back to the community and contribute help in charitable means.

Why ATX Donations solution?

  • One of ATX’s core values is accountability to accept responsibility for its actions and deliver on its promises
  • Supports business decisions through vast experiences, good judgment, and ownership of outcomes
  • ATX Donations Solution helps enterprises or individuals make donations to more than one charity at a time
  • Businesses can expect the same value and quality with ATX Donations solutions as ATX places on its other products and solutions