Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Bill payment is the activity of paying bills in person, by phone or online using handheld devices such as mobile smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, or a tablet. It may be done so with a single payment or a recurring payment. It brings convenience for consumers as it allows them to settle their bills with a few clicks on their devices wherever they are. It’s completely free and doesn’t charge additional costs. It is cashless, paperless, convenient, and flexible.

Who can use it?

All types of consumers are encouraged to use Online Bill Payment services these days. It is also convenient for most service providers as it allows faster and real-time transactions.

How does Bill Payment work?

Online Bill Payment allows consumers to settle different kinds of bills anywhere you are. Whether it’s your mortgage, rent bill, utility bill, credit card bill, car payment, or other monthly bills. For a user to be able to pay his or her bills online, there are detailed steps to setup an account. These are quite easy for consumers to understand and execute. For typical login information, the consumer has to log into the account, select the payee, and settle the bill.

What is in our offer?

A consumer has to setup an account, or log in if they already have one, and establish a payee/s by putting in the information and details. ATX Bill Payment Solution gives company options to the consumer to allow the choice of the proper beneficiary. This is done to ensure the user that ATX acknowledges common service providers, making it easy for the users to point out the exact company with whom they are settling payments.

Why ATX Bill Payment solution?

  • With ATX’s solid slogan, “All Transactions Processed”, and the promise to provide extensive product portfolio by taking robust, integrated payment services to its consumer market faster and more cost-effectively, ATX Bill Payment solution introduces an easier access to bills payment and saves time and money in paying bills in person
  • ATX also alerts consumers with updates and notifications via e-mail. It is also free and can be used wherever they are.
  • This service of ATX presents innovation and convenience in one solution
  • It allows consumers to pay bills in one go or a recurring manner, letting them relax knowing that their bills are paid on time without missing a due date and avoiding late payments
  • ATX aims to bring solutions to consumers and make their lives easier
  • ATX Bill Payment solution also provides consumers with the extensive help they might need in the future