Create your Will online in few clicks for RM270 only


ATX collaborates with CreateWills and iPay88 to offer online Will writing services to the customers. Wills can be created using a web-based platform The Will writing experience on this platform has been kept simple and informative as it guides the customers across each step with the help of useful tips. Payment for the Will can be made through voucher code as well as online payment methods powered by iPay88.

E-Wills - This week in focus
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Why creating a Will is important?

Did you know that 72% of Malaysians do not create a Will and are unaware of the consequences of not having a Will. This resulted into Malaysian Government holding RM70 billion in frozen assets due to unclaimed monies and conflicts between the family members over distribution of the assets. Without a Will, you can’t choose how to distribute your assets as it will follow the distribution guidelines in the Wills Act.

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Why create your Will via PayHub?

Usually the high cost, process complexity, and the fear of getting it wrong are the main reasons why people do not create a Will. With PayHub, you are guided at each step while creating your Will and the Wills produced are 100% legal and comprehensive. 

Easy and Afforadable

Write your Will in RM270 only and pay via voucher code or online payment methods.

Supports Islamic and Conventional Wills

PayHub provides both Al Yusra Islamic Will and Sterling Conventional Will.

Simple Step by Step Process

Video tutorials and helpful tips are available to guide you through each section.

100% legal

Our software produces 100% legal and comprehensive Wills.

Just 10 minutes to Complete

Our simple and easy process allows you to create a legal Will in just 10 minutes.

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