ATX launches phone swap service – MobiCare.


ATX Group Malaysia has launched Malaysia’s first pay-as-you-go phone swap service – MobiCare. This service allows new phone buyers to swap the phone with a like-new device for any or no reason within the subscription period.

MobiCare - Malaysia's first pay as you go phone swap service.
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Why need MobiCare?

It is found that 1 in every 3 Malaysians is likely to damage the phone within 3 months of owning it. With MobiCare, customers can save up to 85% by swapping with a like-new device rather than buying a new phone.

There is no police report or approval required as customers can swap for any or no reason. The like-new device also comes with a 6-month warranty and is delivered within 6 hours within Klang Valle.

Unlike other programs where customers can only make a 2-years upfront payment, MobiCare offers flexible subscription plans starting from 3-months to as long as 24-months.

How does it work?

Buy a new phone

Customers can head over to any of our MyPOSPay outlets to buy a new phone.

Subscribe to MobiCare

Customers can pay 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months subscription fee at MyPOSPay outlets. Customers can swap phone during this subscription period only. Subject to MobiCare Terms & Conditions.

Swap when needed

Call our helpline at 1300 130 113 & pay the swap service fee to get a same model like-new phone delivered at your doorstep within 6 hours*. Terms & Conditions.

Subscription Plans


Subscription Phone Retail Price: <RM1,000 Phone Retail Price: RM1,000 – RM1,500 Phone Retail Price: RM1,501 – RM3,000 Phone Retail Price: RM3,001 – RM4,500 Phone Retail Price: RM4,501 – RM6,000 Phone Retail Price: >RM6,000
1 Month RM4.50 RM9 RM18 RM20 RM24 RM30
3 Months RM13.50 RM27 RM54 RM60 RM72 RM90
6 Months RM54 RM54 RM108 RM120 RM144 RM180
12 Months RM105 RM105 RM210 RM233 RM280 RM350
24 Months RM204 RM204 RM407 RM453 RM542 RM677
* Swap Service Fee RM100 RM200 RM450 RM600 RM700 RM1,000
* You only pay this swap service fee when you request to swap your old phone with a like-new phone.

Interested to become a MobiCare dealer?

This service is exclusively available for MyPOSPay merchants only. Become a MyPOSPay merchant today and enjoy these benefits.

Earn 3% commission

Reload CEPat tokens for your customers and earn 3% commission of the top-up amount.

Be a POS Laju Authorised Agent

Ship domestic & international parcel and earn up to 12.5% commission.

Setup your payment services business

Pay bills, perform mobile reloads, renew road tax and insurance for your customers and earn commission on each transaction.

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