This platform was developed specifically for the electronic management and distribution of soft products / services for the Telecommunication/Services Industry.Pay as you use - Cloud based white labeled system.The platform is targeted at Product Owners (Telco/Service Provider) and Tier 1 Distributors to run and manage their “own” electronic distribution ecosystem 24/7 for unlimited number of touch points.


ATX enables retail partners to sell prepaid and financial services using a variety of clients, including POS, PC and self-serve point of sales, connected to a central server rather than inefficient traditional distribution channels. ATX secure systems reduce shrinkage (theft) and inventory requirements while improving consumer access to prepaid services. There are many advantages to this form of product distribution as outlined


With ATX SMS service, airtime topup and pin distribution can be done using SMS text messaging with any mobile phone. It is a fully integrated solution using all of the ATX functionality including managing different commission levels for merchants and distributors. The merchant sends a request containing the product information to the ATX server as a normal SMS text message. The server interprets the message, perform instant airtime topup or PIN for the requested product and send an SMS text message response containing the product and transaction details. The request and response messages are fully customizable by the ATX administrator using the ATX Control Centre application. Request messages consist of the product and value desired and optionally a phone number for airtime topup or pin request.


ATX Web Service was design for Web Servers to connect and purchase PINs from an ATX server. It allows any type of web enabled device to order multiple products using SOAP “XML” string requests. The design will allow for multiple web servers and devices to connect to ATX server. Product can be ordered in batches and downloaded by the server client and if payment fails the order can be cancelled. The client will destroy the pin records and the ATX web service will cancel the order and return the pins to stock. Request and response messages are in simple XML format. In addition, ATX Web Service supports individual online pin requests which can be used to implement host to host ATX PIN delivery solutions.