ATX owns and operates a full fledge proprietary system to support multiple platforms and products. The principle activity is to build and manage all electronic collection platforms for Retail Partners.

We develop and license transaction automation system software’s and supporting technologies focusing primarily in the prepaid telecommunication and financial services industries and commercializing the services through our retail partners and retailer.

The main focus of ATX is to provide technical, operations and customer service support solutions to the Retail, Telecommunications, Services and Financial Services markets. ATX is backed by experienced Industry professionals and strong IT infrastructure support with over 12 years of experience in the trade.

Recognized as one of the Leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies we have extensive relationships with Telco’s, Financial Services Market and Retail Partners.

With our team of dedicated and committed professionals, we devote ourselves to understanding our retail partner and product owner needs, their business issues and offer them a winning edge in their business endeavours.